There are a couple of things which contribute to the score.

Basic score

First there is the basic score for matching a pair. Players earn 50 for matching a pair with no multiplier.

Score Multiplier

Then, there is the score multiplier. If pairs are made in quick succession, players can increase their multiplier from 2-5. If the multiplier is at 2x, it means double score, if it is at 3x, it means triple score for a pair and so on.  

Level Time Bonus

Next is the level timer. Any time remaining once the level is complete is added to the score as a bonus. So the more time remaining, the more bonus score the player earns! This is called the time bonus.  

Tile Bonus

On some levels, when the objective is to release an items, the player can earn a bonus for tiles remaining on the board after the item has been released. This is called a tile bonus!

Rabbit Icon Bonus

If a rabbit icon appears on a tile and the player collects it, the rabbit tiles symbols multiply, replacing up to 8 tiles on the layout! Why is this good? Well, if the player collects them quickly, which is easy as they all look the same, then the result of this is often a multiplier boost as the rabbit tiles are quickly paired!  

Timer Icon Bonus

Sometimes a timer icon appears on a tile. If the player collects it, they get time added to their level timer. More time can give more bonus points at the end of the level!  

Flower Tiles Bonus

If players match a pair of flower tiles before one of them blooms, a bonus score is rewarded.

Frozen Tiles Bonus

If players match a frozen tile before it blooms, a bonus score is rewarded.  

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