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    Carl Bradley

    Hello, been playing a few days, this took a while just to be able to make a comment. It needs to be easier to contact you when players need answers, 'in game ticket' would be better.

    It feels a very lonely place in the game, no chat system, no friends, no guild/clan/syndicate no ranking system.

    Game looks like it could be completely doable offline.

    I have started building a guardian ship. 7 days? Why 7 days for intermediate ship? Corvette takes 1 day.

    U need better range of items for agents at the beginning. The range of power for new agent needs to be separated better pay more for better power chance.

    You need timing when energy will replenish, 90/h is great but its full or empty when I check no gradually increased amount.

    You need more missions too, after a few days I am now ignoring the text, only looking at the reward. You need players to read it not skip to end.

    I hope u respond to this

    Happy gamer
    Good luck

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    How can i reset my game?
    I was encounter a bug in crafting, where when i craft a module sometimes it is not producing, while the module already disappeared.
    This happened to crafting translation module, makes me unable to progress the timeline mission.

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    Jayce Buttler (NELS)

    The cost to upgrade, recruit, buy another ship and craft new items is outrageous, it's seriously impossible to get very far at all without spending tons of money. Just for me to gain enough to buy the second ship I would literally need to buy your $100 package. The free way gives you very little rewards to grow at all. I like the game alot but the outrageous costs of stuff is a head turner. This game would be better off being a purchase only game to all, excluding the pre registered individuals, maybe grant free access or cost cut, and a pre registered bonus. The game is all reading basically, with a creative twist which makes it unique. So I do hope the game keeps up being entertaining, because after hours of play it's kind of beginning to just repeat the same stories on missions. The main story is cool but gets a bit dull. Hope to hear back asap :)

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    Kevin Maiuri

    I've been playing since recieving the pre-register alert that Valerian was ready, and I haven't had any problems with the game other than I think there may be a bug with daily rewards as everyday it only gives me the day 1 rewards. I hope this can be easily fixed as I do enjoy the game quite a bit. Also as an unrelated suggestion, some of the in-game currency requirements for building and upgrading seem to be a bit steep. An example being 15k for an upgrade to the docking area? I suggest that perhaps some sort of daily dungeon be created to aid players in aquisition of much needed currency for upgrades and whatnot or perhaps lowering the currency requirement. The currency I'm referring to I believe is called "units" in-game. I hope the daily rewards situation can be resolved with ease and I wish you all luck. This game seems well put together, and I am eager to see what opportunities as well as improvements are made to the game in the future.

    Good luck,

    A very loyal gamer :-)

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    Khairul Fadzly

    I run into a bug, I try to put in the Palm-Muret habitat, it freezes at 2s so I rebooted. Now the hex where the habitat is empty but I cannot put any othet habitat there and I could not get any resources from it.

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    Jonathan Nelson

    I'm having the same problem as reedone816. Where i tried to creat the univeral translator but it just disappeared and now i can't progress through the game

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    Khairul Fadzly

    There is a bug in the hologrid, the grid paused during the time I am opening it and now it jammed, I can't put anything in it. Also when I was travelling or scanning the sector the timer jammed and didn't countdown only by rebooting can I proceed.

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    Sergio Talamantes

    Hello there, 
    i am having problems with the game, i am stuck at loading screen 89%



    i reinstalled the game but that does not resolved my problem.

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    John Ericson Damaso

    Hi! Good day!

    Kudos on creating the game. Its wonderful.

    Been playing this game even before the launch date, I was hoping that during launching the bugs I encountered will eventually be fixed.

    But here are the bugs I mentioned:

    1. I created a habitat for Omelites, upon creating, the game froze for like a second then the cell became inhabitable, the habitat lost. Having Omelite level 5 should give me 2 habitats for them, i just have one but it shows Max in the District.

    2. Dont know if these are bugs or just lack of tips nor tutorials:

    A. Two species when put next to each other, one becomes like a digital city but not producing resources? Could you tell me more about this please?

    B. Another, im hoping to get more info regarding the resources needed to craft an item, for example the resource that looks like wires. I have already seen that before as a reward but didnt choose it. Now I cant find it anymore. I know we have to explore to find them, but since I have already encountered it before, it should at least tell me where the last time I found it or where else I could get it.

    Im really hoping to get answers to my queries. Im getting hooked on the game more and more.

    Cant wait for the movie as well.

    More power!


    I also didnt get the loot bonus for pre registering. Thanks!


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    John Ericson Damaso

    Hi another problem encountered,

    Ive been stucked for days in the Mission: Imperium of the planets in the Imperium System. For a few days it stayed on the power needed of more than 400. Now, I guess its back to the correct galaxy with just the right amount of power which ranges from 150-250.

    Whats weird about it is when I click the planet (yellow), it shows it recommends 333 power when in fact, this mission is in the Imperium System that just recommends 150-250 power.

    Another bug is that if I take the risk of the mission, it wont show me the options I should choose. So im pretty stucked on that screen with no other button to push to just go back or quit. What I do is just force close the app, upon returning, the energy had already been used up. Done it few many times

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    Carl Bradley

    Hello, they appear to be many issues in the game I need you to check out.

    Also without a reply it looks like you don't read these comments even though I KNOW you do.

    On docklands habitat 1 hex is blank, I believe it my final mercury habitat which doesn't show up even if I connect them with other mercury habitat.

    I am glad to gain more rep but the blue robot things has a very high rep demand for lvl 7. 9100. Others are far easier to gain. This is either correct and others are wrong or just an error on its own.

    I have farmed lots of rep since you changed it to gain up to 150 per section of mission.

    This to me has spoilt the farming process. Most of mine are lvl 15 now, this shouldn't be right.

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    Carl Bradley

    Other issues to me, right now I have 750 power, I will need 1850 to complete quadrant 3. I understand the best ship may allow 4-5 agents all with gear, I understand ship parts can be better then I have seen available. Also a 5 mil unit ship will also boost my power.

    But does seem to me a far away pipe dream. I can't produce yet all the resources, don't have enough habitat space, not been able to find blueprints for better stuff.

    U need to add a shop which sell more than Simons. Even if unit cost is high they needs to be a chance to access them.

    I will continue with what I have and see what I can unlock and produce but others may just give up without seeing what is required to advance.

    Daily missions, events, global chat, invite friends,
    Also u need a bigger range for players to buy into the game
    Starter pack, novice pack, advanced pack
    Containing ship/agent/rep pack/units/blue prints/equipment/skill reset token. And those simon things.

    I am finding units a bit difficult to farm but don't want to to raise it too much maybe +50% more not like rep where u increased it 150%

    Need a bigger range of equipment for ship and agents for this power lvl (750)

    I have more ideas, will post at a later date

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    Carl Bradley

    Sorry rep went from 8 per section to upto 150, that's 2000% nearly

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    Carl Bradley

    You also need a permanent shipyard section, so players can see what they need for next ship when they dismantle old ships, also we need to see what the name of the parts required not just a built picture but need to know name too

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    Carl Bradley

    68f06813-63e8-4a46-8695-740e3454eda8 here it is, please copy paste it to the support team. My ID FOR the hex bug

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    Carl Bradley

    this not trying to blog my progress but I did need to update my previous comments.

    KC02 rep is lvl 9 and requires 9100 to get to 10, no other species needs this much

    Units(money) now I have a bit more power farming units is a bit easier. But I never seem to have enough.

    I have now access to the 3rd habitat so please ignore previous comment.

    I have found new equipment from around 775 power so this has given me a boost and also this boost allows me to finds many new items to increase my power

    Can you look into helmets, psychic simulator + cobalt shielding. Similar but 1 spiral is better than 2 spirals.

    You also might need to reduce the huge variety of available resources.
    So far I have :
    Uranium, carbon fiber , computer chips, aerogel, korbium, psychic services, brain waves, cobalt, electro filaments, radioactive core, star gas, love gas, portable networks, sound sculptures, nano-edged blades, cobalt alloy, telepathic comm chips, hyprolic cells, chitinous plating, cells, k'vaar hides

    Its a bit of a list, with more I think out there

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    Is anyone reading these comments? I've now been playing the game for a few days and am encountering a number of bugs.


    1) The daily login bonus doesn't work. Every day it defaults back to day 1.

    2) Sometimes when travelling / upgrading the countdown timer doesn't count down. Solution for that is to restart the game.

    3) However when you restart the game, because no countdown, while crafting a new habitat then that tile is no longer selectable after the restart. 

    Numbers 1 and 2 are annoying, but #3 is really spoiling the game. And that's a pity because the game is well made, I enjoy the characters, missions and dialogues. 

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