1. This the HRM meter. HRM stands for Heart Rate Monitor, this gives an indication of how stable your patient is. For every mistake you make, the HRM will decrease. If the HRM reaches 0, the surgery will be unsuccessful and you will have to try again later. Below the HRM is the time, this shows the time you have remaining to complete the surgery.
  2. This is your first set of tools. You will need these to complete surgeries. Each tool has a different functionality and is useful for different types of surgeries.
  3. A dialogue box through which Amy will be helping you during the surgeries by giving advice on how proceed next.
  4. This icon marks your progress in the current surgery. The more circles there are, the more steps you need to complete to finish the surgery. In this example, the player has completed the first step and is now on the second and final step of the surgery.
  5. This is your second set of tools. The “applicator”, which is highlighted, is the tool you are currently using.
  6. This is the “pause” button, from here you can bring up the pause menu, from there you can access several options and quit the surgery.


  1. The higher the HRM you finish with, the more reputation you will be awarded.
  2. Based on the time it took to complete the surgery, you will be awarded with reputation. The faster you do it, the more reputation you will earn.
  3. For every mistake made during the surgery, you will lose a bit of reputation that will be subtracted from the total reputation.
  4. This is the final tally of the reputation you will earn. In this example, the 20 reputation is the minimum you are getting for a successful surgery. Based on your other results, it will calculate the total reputation amount for the surgery...
  5. This is your player level. Every time you successfully complete a surgery, you will get reputation, which allows you to level up.
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